Recuperating From Dental Surgery

Looking after yourself following treatment will help comfort and aid healing.

Kind dentistFor some nervous patients, a lot of the conversation around a forthcoming dental procedure is the possible anxiety and discomfort that might be felt whilst undergoing it. This is understandable and we have covered it and tried to allay any fears in earlier blogs. Today, we thought that we would take a look instead at what happens after a procedure when you have left our Epsom practice with a restored or extracted tooth.

While immediate aftercare begins in the dental surgery, patients should also consider how they will approach the next few hours or even days in the case of more extensive treatment.

The team at the Clock Tower Dental Clinic look at some examples of recovery below.


For most people, recovering from a filling is straightforward. You should take care not to eat anything hard, or better still, anything at all until the local anaesthetic has worn off. This is usually just for a short time of a few hours. You should also allow around 24 hours before you use that tooth to bite anything hard and softer foods are better initially to give the filling time to fully settle. Recovery is usually straightforward with a filling but if you are in discomfort when the local anaesthetic has worn off, please get in touch with us straightaway.


If you have a tooth extracted, the dentist will typically apply a piece of sterile gauze to the treament area. This will help a blood clot to form which you should not ‘poke’ at with your finger, tongue or any implement. This is essential for healing and if it does come out you may suffer from a painful condition known as a dry socket. Whilst an extraction is usually a straightforward procedure, it can feel quite traumatic and we recommend that patients take it easy for at least the rest of that day, taking time off work where possible. We also recommend that you avoid physical activity for a few days to allow yourself to fully recover. You should also avoid alcohol and cigarettes (if you do smoke) for a few days at least to minimise the risk of infections.

Teeth whitening

Although this popular cosmetic dental procedure is a non invasive one, we thought it was worth mentioning here for the few people that could suffer with tooth sensitivity following the treatment. Although this is relatively rare, it does happen. If it happens to you, we advise that you avoid very hot or cold food or drinks for a few days; howerver the sensitivity is usually short lived and things should return to normal after a few days.

As with any treatment, if you feel that something is not right, please do get in touch with us so that one of our dentists can assess the issue.

Dental implant placement

Having a dental implant placed is a complex and reasonably lengthy procedure. It is not surprising then that we advise patients to allow themselves time to recover from it. Rest is always important following any type of surgery, dental or otherwise and  implant placement is no exception. Please follow your dentist’s guidance regarding eating following the placement. We recommend a liquid diet initially, gradually leading to a soft food diet with the slow introduction of more solid foods.

At the Clock Tower Dental Clinic, we are pleased to offer the benefit of PRGF-ENDORET™ technology. This uses a plasma rich material that helps and speeds up recovery. We will be pleased to discuss the benefits of this during your initial consultation, should you wish.


Nervous patients and those undergoing longer procedures such as teeth implant placement, sometimes opt to have sedation to help them through it. This is very useful and allows the patient to undergo the procedure in a relaxed manner, which, in turn, also helps our dentists to perform the procedure efficiently. Patients should be aware that the sedative remains in the system for approximately 24 hours which means that you are not safe to drive or to operate potentially dangerous machinery until it has left your system. Please make sure to allow for this when you have a sedative and do make sure to bring a responsible adult with you to our surgery so that they can make sure that you return home safely.

Ultimately, dental procedures should be taken seriously and you should allow yourself time to recover from them. Remember that we are always here to offer advice if you have any questions about the treatment or the recovery aspect of it.

Appointments for general dental care or initial consultations about our full range of treatments are available by calling our Epsom dental clinic on 01372 720136.