Prompt action in the event of toothache

Guidance for local Epsom patients when tooth pain strikes.

Unfortunately, toothache can appear in many forms. It may be just a throbbing and slightly uncomfortable sensation or it could cause severe and excruciating pain. Sometimes it is a gradual occurrence, and sometimes it can come on quite suddenly.

Whatever the level and type of pain though, one thing for sure is that it indicates that there is a problem which needs prompt treatment. Under no circumstances should it be ignored as the pain and underlying issue will almost certainly get worse.

What to do

If the toothache has appeared due to an injury which involved a heavy blow to the face, the first thing that you should do is to attend your local A&E to ensure that there are no head injuries. Once this has been checked, you should take the following steps:

  1. Call the Clock Tower Dental Clinic in Epsom immediately and ask us for an emergency appointment. Whilst ringing as early in the day as you can increases your chances of being seen the same day, you can call us at any time during working hours. If we are unable to treat you that day, we will be able to offer advice to keep you as comfortable as possible until we can see you.
  2. Take pain relief. Regular over the counter medications are available which help you to manage the discomfort. These can mask minor discomfort all together though and it is important that you do not use these to ‘resolve’ your problem instead of visiting our dental practice to be treated.
  3. Avoid eating anything that might put pressure on the tooth and make the pain worse. It is also a good idea to avoid very hot or cold food and drinks until such time that the problem has been treated by your dentist.
  4. A warm saline solution swirled gently in the area may help to alleviate any inflammation that might be causing discomfort.
  5. Clove oil dabbed on the tooth can bring temporary relief and has been shown to have topical anaesthetic qualities.

Unfortunately, toothache is toothache and whilst these tips can help to make it more bearable, only  a trip to your local Epsom dentist will be able to resolve the problem. There are a number of possibilities as to what might be causing the pain and we will be able to determine this following a thorough examination and possibly x-rays, and treat it accordingly.

If you are in discomfort with your teeth and need an emergency dentist in Epsom, please call the Clock Tower Dental Clinic today on 01372 720136.