Some Popular Cosmetic Treatments For Whiter Teeth

Some Popular Cosmetic Treatments For Whiter Teeth

Our Epsom dentist offers tried and trusted ways to keep your teeth looking great.

One of the most common complaints that people have about their teeth is that they are no longer as white as they used to be.

There may be a number of reasons for this, some of which are under our control, whilst others are not.

Ultimately though, discoloured and unattractive teeth can be greatly improved through cosmetic dental treatments available at The Clock Tower Dental Clinic here in Epsom.

Even though we can limit staining to the teeth by avoiding certain foods and drinks, and by cleaning our teeth effectively, there comes a time when most of us will need a little help. In today’s blog, we look at some of the helpful treatments that are readily available at our local dental practice.

Scale and polish

Although primarily aimed at the prevention of gum disease, the scale and polish procedure provided by the dental hygienist can also help to whiten your teeth a little. A sonic tool is used to remove the hardened tartar from your teeth, which, in conjunction with a final polish, helps to bring back the natural shine of your teeth. We recommend that all of our patients see the hygienist at least twice a year, not only to help fight against gum disease but to keep your teeth and mouth looking and feeling fresher too.

Tooth coloured fillings

Even great looking white teeth can be spoiled by the smallest amalgam filling. Fortunately, these dark patches on our teeth can now easily be replaced by tooth coloured fillings which are so lifelike, they are almost identical to your natural tooth. This type of filling is mercury free and ideal for anyone who may be concerned about the traditional amalgam type fillings.

Teeth whitening procedure

Would you like to see your teeth whitened by up to eight shades in just one hour? If so, you will be pleased to hear that we use the Zoom2 teeth whitening process which allows us to do just that. Within just one hour of starting this non invasive procedure, you will be able to leave our dental practice with a brand new, whiter smile which will be the envy of your friends and colleagues!

Dental veneers

Even badly stained teeth can now be treated using cosmetic dentistry. The most common treatment in cases where the teeth are badly stained or have minor chips or cracks is to use dental veneers. These are fine layers of porcelain which are used to replace the damaged enamel surface of the teeth. Whilst this does require a dental procedure to prepare the surface of the tooth, the end results are well worthwhile. Your new dental veneers should last for approximately ten years with the appropriate care, and will allow you to smile again without the worry of revealing badly stained teeth.

If you would like to see what we can do to improve the appearance of your discoloured teeth, please make an appointment to see our Epsom cosmetic dentists by calling the Clock Tower Dental Clinic on 01372 720 136.