Wave Goodbye To ‘Train Track’ Braces

Near invisible dental braces are now available at the Clock Tower Dental Clinic, Epsom

When a patient comes to our Epsom dentists hoping to straighten their crooked teeth, there is sometimes a sense of reluctance to wear the braces necessary to achieve this.

This is often due to most patients associating dental braces with the old style ‘train track’ ones. These are highly visible and easily noticed, and there is understandably some resistance to wearing them.

Orthodontics (‘braces’) have come a long way though, and our cosmetic dental team can now provide patients with a range of very discreet braces which are equally effective but without the social embarrassment factor of traditional versions.

Clear Aligner

One of the most popular orthodontic systems that we use is the Clear Aligner system. Unlike many other types of braces, both discreet and not so discreet, this system abandons the use of wires and brackets altogether. Instead, a series of trays are made, following impressions being taken of your teeth. These are made from a high grade medical plastic and fit directly over the teeth, with each tray designed to reposition your teeth a little before being removed and replaced by the next in the series. This continues until such a time that you have great looking straight teeth again.

Clear Aligners are not only almost invisible, but also offer a comfortable and convenient wearing experience – they are designed to be removed when eating, and when cleaning your teeth.

Minor corrections

Where a patient’s teeth are only slightly crooked and one of the visible teeth that show when we smile, there is a fast acting system called ‘Six Month Smiles’ to correct this. Although this brace system does use wires and brackets to reposition the teeth, they are made from fine tooth coloured material and hence are still quite discreet to wear.

The amount of time taken to straighten your teeth will vary according to the severity of the problem, but the average time taken is approximately six months. If your problem is minor, it may take much less than this and we will advise during your consultation at the Clock Tower Dental Clinic.

Whichever orthodontic system is chosen to straighten your teeth, we will ensure that the treatment is going as planned, with ongoing check ups throughout the treatment period.  We will also offer advice regarding cleaning when you have the Six Month Smiles system. If Clear Aligners are used you can simply brush and floss your teeth as normal, making sure to clean the trays before refitting them.

If you would like to see how we can straighten your teeth efficiently and affordably, the best place to start is with a consultation with one of our Epsom cosmetic dentists. To arrange your appointment, please call the Clock Tower Dental Clinic on 01372 720136.