New Dental Crown?

Our Epsom dentist advises how to look after it.

Dental crowns are used in a number of procedures at the Clock Tower Dental Clinic. Their most common use is where a tooth has been broken so badly that a straightforward filling would not repair it in a strong enough manner.

They are also used to strengthen a tooth following root canal procedures, and as the final addition to a dental implant placement.

Patients of our Epsom practice are fortunate enough to benefit from the Cerec system that we have here on site at the practice. This allows a ceramic dental crown to be produced in just one hour whilst you wait, rather than requiring a second visit following their production at a dental laboratory.

Crown health

Once your dental crown has been fitted, you should get many years use from it with proper care. Depending on how well they are looked after and how they are used, between five and fifteen years is usual. It is not uncommon for this length of time to be much longer though, and how you look after the crown will contribute towards this.

You should certainly not make the mistake of thinking that because the crown is artificial and will not decay, that you do not to keep it clean. Neglecting your new crown is likely to prove to be a mistake that will eventually result in further dental treatment being necessary.

Tooth decay

Although the dental crown cannot decay, the rest of the natural tooth that is has been attached to still can. In addition to any problems, such as toothache, that this might cause; if the natural tooth has to be treated, or breaks away due to decay, the crown may not fit as securely as before. This is more likely to lead to the crown becoming detached, and ultimately you may need to have a new crown produced to fit the new shape of your treated tooth.

Gum disease

Although this will not affect the crown as such, it is important to remember to clean between teeth that have a crown attached, as you would with natural teeth. Gum disease can not only cause discomfort, but can weaken the bone in which the tooth is held. Wobbly teeth, or even tooth loss, may occur unless you keep your gums healthy.


Although dental crowns are typically made from ceramic or porcelain, stain resistant materials; some surface staining is still possible. To keep your teeth looking their best, make sure to brush the crown diligently when you brush your teeth.

And finally …

In the rare event that a crown does become detached, please don’t attempt to re-attach it yourself! You are likely to do much more harm than good by doing this, and it should be left to your dentist who will make sure that it is attached correctly.

Our friendly Epsom dental team are here to help you to have a healthy mouth. If you have not seen a dentist for some time, why not call the Clock Tower Dental Clinic on 01372 720136?