It’s Never Too Late For A Stunning Smile

It’s Never Too Late For A Stunning Smile

What improvements can be made to your smile by our Epsom cosmetic dentists?

Have you ever wondered, perhaps whilst watching a celebrity on TV, whether you could have teeth like theirs? If you have, you are almost certainly not alone. The good news is that modern cosmetic dentistry can help you to achieve to a great looking smile, whatever the current condition of your teeth.

The reality is that few celebrities probably have naturally great looking teeth, and most will have had some work done on them.

It makes sense really; if you are on TV and a close up camera shot is used, you really won’t want the first thing that viewers see to be your crooked or discoloured teeth. Indeed, our very own principal dentist, Andrew Murphy, has performed cosmetic dentistry for a number of celebrities, helping them to have great looking smiles.

Where do I start?

A visit to The Clock Tower Dental Clinic should be your first step to having a beautiful smile. Before any treatment starts, you will need to have a full mouth examination and have any current problems such as decay or gum disease, treated. Your initial consultation will also include a discussion between dentist and patient about exactly what it is you hope to achieve and the anticipated price for the work. A suitable treatment plan can then be developed.

The treatments

The treatments that you need will clearly depend on the current condition of your teeth. Some patients may require little more than a teeth whitening procedure, to bring back the whiteness in their smile. Others may need to have missing teeth replaced, or their current teeth straightened using one of the modern orthodontic systems available at our Epsom dental practice. These options will all be discussed transparently and openly at the consultation.

Why the Clock Tower Dental Clinic?

With many dentists in Surrey offering cosmetic dentistry, why should you come to us for your treatment? There are a number of reasons, in addition to the sophisticated equipment and highly experienced team of course.

The Wand – At the Clock Tower Dental Clinic, we can use a tool called ‘the Wand’ to administer your local anaesthetic. This is very popular with many of our patients who really dislike the usual injection that is given for this purpose. The Wand is very effective and minimises any discomfort felt when having anaesthetic administered.

Mercury free – When a filling is needed, many practices will use an amalgam filling. Whilst this is very strong, it is highly visible and also contains mercury compounds. Although this has been accepted as being safe for this purpose, by professional dental bodies, some patients still feel concerned. To put your mind at rest, we are pleased to offer a filling material that is both tooth coloured and entirely mercury free.

To find out how we can help you to have a great looking celebrity smile, why not call our Epsom dental practice to arrange an initial cosmetic dental consultation? We are confident that you will not regret taking your first step to having a great looking smile. Please get in touch today on 01372 720136.