Dental Restorations – What Are Our Patient’s Main Concerns?

Dental Restorations – What Are Our Patient’s Main Concerns?

Epsom dentist, Ravdeep Dhami, addresses patient’s questions about teeth restorations.

The days seem long gone now when dental practices offered little else other than fillings, extractions and dentures. The options for restoring both damaged and missing teeth are now much more extensive and offer some excellent opportunities for strong and realistic looking tooth restorations.

Even with a common treatment such as a filling, some patients have a number of questions and concerns. When it comes to more complex, and sometimes misunderstood, treatments such as dental implants, it is probably not surprising that patients want to know more about the treatment that they are about to receive.

Most patients have a range of questions that often vary from individual to individual; but there are a number of questions that occur regularly, and we take a look at some of these below.

Will the treatment hurt?

This is a question that we hear a lot from our more nervous dental patients, but even those who feel more confident about their treatment are often interested to find out if the procedure will be uncomfortable. There is little use in us pretending that dental treatments are an enjoyable experience and very few would would believe us if we did! The reality though is that treatments need to be carried out for a reason, even if it does mean a little discomfort for a short period of time. In many cases, the discomfort would become far greater if treatment was not carried out.

We can assure our patients that, with the use of a local anaesthetic, any discomfort felt will be kept to a minimum, often painless, and our dentists will be as gentle as possible. For those undergoing more extensive or longer treatments, IV sedation is available to enable you to have the treatment in a more relaxed state if you feel this would be beneficial.

Will it look natural when it is completed?

Some of this will depend upon the treatment being carried out. Where it is being performed for a cosmetic purpose, then every endeavour is taken to make any restoration look as natural as possible. For treatments like veneers or dental implants, we will always try to match both the shape and colour of any replacement teeth, or teeth surfaces, to that of your own natural teeth.

Where a visible tooth needs restoring, we will discuss the options available at the Clock Tower Dental Clinic so that the patient can choose the one that they feel most suitable. Sometimes this is a balance between the most natural appearance possible and the available budget. We do offer payment plans to help our Epsom patients to spread the payments over a period of time.

Will I be able to use the restoration like I would a natural tooth?

As always, this will depend on the treatment that you are having. We will always advise beforehand, the typical level of strength that a type of treatment will provide.

Some treatments may need caution for a while to allow patients to become used to them before eating normally; dental implants being a good case in point. Other treatments may require the patient to exercise a certain level of caution when eating and an example of this is following a root canal procedure. Whilst this will offer a reasonable level of strength for regular daily use, a root canal treated tooth may fracture if exposed to excessive force and it is important that our patients are aware of this.

How long will this restoration last?

This will depend on a number of factors that we will discuss individually with you. Whilst there are guidelines on how long certain procedures should last, there are external factors such as lifestyle choices which will affect this.

The location of the restoration in the mouth can significantly affect longevity. A rear tooth, for example, comes under a lot more strain than those at the front and as mentioned above, personal choices, such as smoking and drinking, can affect some treatments. Attending for regular aftercare is important too.

Even where a restoration is entirely artificial, meaning that no tooth decay is possible, periodontal (gum) diseases can still occur and cause the restoration to fail. All patients will be given detailed aftercare instructions for all restorations that they receive and our Epsom dental team are also available to answer any questions or concerns that arise before, during or after treatment.

We firmly believe that communication between the dentist and patient is important and makes a significant difference to the treatment experience, so we will always make time to answer any questions you have.

To find out more about any of the treatments offered at our Epsom dental clinic, please call us today on 01372 720136.

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