Dealing With Dental Anxiety

Three steps to help you receive the dental care that you need.

If you are afraid of going to the dentist, you are certainly not alone. It is thought that more than half of the population of the UK experiences some level of anxiety as their dental appointment approaches.

In most cases, patients will go through with their treatment, realising that it is essential for their health and well being, and, in most instances, treatment should not take too long to perform.

Once the procedure is complete, they can relax again.

Raised anxiety

Unfortunately, probably around ten per cent of those who do experience dental anxiety do so at a much higher level. This can cause severe symptoms for the patient, and, in many cases, appointments are cancelled or patients simply don’t turn up due to their fear. Despite probably understanding that missing appointments will inevitably mean more extensive treatment later on, as dental problems become worse, severely anxious patients may prefer to defer their treatment in the hope that it simply won’t happen i.e. taking a ‘head in the sand’ approach.

At the Clock Tower Dental Clinic in Epsom, we completely understand patient’s anxieties about their dental visits and do all that we can to help.


Many of our patients have told us that they find certain therapies and techniques useful. These include aromatherapy, relaxation techniques etc. These, combined with the relaxed and friendly approach of our dentists can help some patients to, if not entirely overcome, then certainly reduce their anxiety levels enough to receive the treatment that they need.

The Wand

For patients where the local anaesthetic is not the main problem, we can still make this more comfortable by applying a numbing gel prior to giving the injection. Patients might be surprised to know that it is not the injection itself which causes the most discomfort, but the anaesthetic as it initially reacts with the soft tissue. For those for whom the injection is a major factor in their anxiety, we offer an alternative called ‘The Wand’. This is a revolutionary computerised system which first of all numbs the gums before injecting the anaesthetic through a very fine needle which is barely felt as it enters.


Finally, for those whose dental anxiety levels are high, we are fortunate to have Dr Joe Omar, a qualified sedation dentist, at our Epsom dental practice. For patients who are extremely nervous, or, where a procedure may take a significant length of time, sedation can be used to help you to feel completely relaxed whilst receiving your treatment.

If you haven’t visited a dentist for some time due to your dental anxiety, why not call the Clock Tower Dental Practice in Epsom, Surrey and see how we can help you? Please call us today on 01372 720136.