Dentures Or Dental Implants? A Comparison

You local Epsom dentists discuss the pros and cons of these two teeth replacement methods.

One of the hardest decisions for a patient to take when they have lost a tooth, is the choice of tooth replacement method, especially if it is in the visible zone.

At one time, the answer would have been straightforward as dentures were the only method available. With modern advances though, the advantages of dental implants are increasingly apparent and they are starting to challenge dentures as the most popular choice available.

Below, your Epsom dentists take an unbiased look at these two options and discuss the pros and cons of each.


Modern dentures are more attractive than the older type ones and look more natural. From a cosmetic viewpoint, there is little wrong with wearing dentures. The problems arise when it comes to functionality as they can limit the type of foods that you can comfortably eat. Some wearers also find that they sometimes irritate the gums when they move around slightly. There is also the potential for embarrassment for those whose dentures no longer fit well and become visibly loose when speaking.

The most significant ‘plus’ for dentures is that their fitting often requires no invasive dental treatment. Impressions are taken and the dentures are then created from this. This potentially makes it an easier process for nervous dental patients.

Dental implants

Dental implants offer many of the bonuses that dentures simply can’t. Once the initial bonding with the jawbone is complete, they offer an extremely secure replacement tooth, or teeth. This means that they will not move around at all and patients can feel entirely comfortable when eating any food that they choose. Dental implants should last for twenty years or so, and may even last a lifetime if well looked after.

Dental implants do not require special cleaning, unlike dentures. You simply brush and floss as though it were a natural tooth. It is important to do this to prevent gum disease which can cause problems for the implant.

Perhaps the biggest ‘minus’ for implants is that it does require an invasive procedure, whether this is for an individual tooth replacement or even a full arch. Patients should not be afraid of this procedure though and it should be no more uncomfortable than other invasive dental procedures. Whilst this may cause concern for anxious patients, we do offer IV sedation at the Clock Tower Dental Clinic which allows the patient to have the procedure in an entirely relaxed manner and the time will pass by quite quickly.

Ultimately, the choice of whether to have dentures or dental implants is down to you, the patient. In our opinion though, dental implants offer the best long term option. Although this does require a small surgical procedure, once completed, dental implants offer the best strength and security and appear entirely natural looking.

If you would like to discuss implants further with one of our Epsom dental implant team, please call the Clock Tower Dental Clinic on 01372 720136.