Immediate Full Arch Teeth Replacement in Epsom

Using the ‘fast and fixed’ method, you may be able to have new teeth in just one day!

Dental implants are now widely used in the replacement of lost teeth. Most people though, are probably more aware of their use for replacing individual teeth.

At the Clock Tower Dental Clinic however, we can also replace a full arch of missing teeth using implants.

These missing teeth are not replaced individually, a process that would be both lengthy and very expensive, but can be done by using a small number of implants (usually four) to secure a fixed bridge of teeth in place.

Fast and fixed

There are various other names for this procedure, including ‘same day implants’, ‘teeth in a day’ and ‘all on 4’. Essentially though, these procedures are the same, or very similar. They involve the use of four dental implants, although occasionally more, two of which are standard implants and the other two are specially designed for this purpose. The key benefits to this procedure, in addition to the ones provided by individual implants, i.e. strength, security and stability, are that they can be used for people who have suffered bone loss in the jaw area, often without the need for a prior bone graft. For some cases, the procedure can also be completed in a single day.

First of all, your Epsom implant dentist will take x-rays and scans to examine the bone structure in your jaw to determine where nerves are situated so that these can be avoided. Where four implants are used (which is in the majority of cases), two regular dental implants will be placed towards the front of the mouth. In order to offer security and stability for those people whose bone structure is compromised, two specially designed implants are then placed into the jawbone at an angle. This provides a strong and stable anchor to support a fixed bridge.

This procedure can even be used to replace your dentures, even if you have worn them for years.


Understandably, you will be provided with full aftercare instructions when you leave the Clock Tower Dental Clinic with your new teeth. Ongoing supervision, as well as good personal care, is also important so that we can monitor your oral health. Although you can, in theory, use your new teeth from the word go, we would encourage you to exercise caution for a little while. Inevitably, there will be some soreness in the area of the procedure and eating softer foods will help to keep any discomfort to a minimum and also allow you to adjust to your new teeth.

You may find that your speech is also affected a little initially. This is not unusual and is simply your body adjusting to new circumstances.

If you are unhappy with wearing dentures and would like to discover more about having new, strong and stable teeth, please call the Clock Tower Dental Clinic in Epsom on 01372 720136. We’ll be delighted to help.