Dental Treatment Using Sedation in Epsom

If you are looking for a sedation dentist, we can help.

Raised anxiety levels about a forthcoming dental procedure are not unusual, although most patients are able to undergo treatment without any additional help, realising that it is necessary. For some patients though, anxiety can reach such a level, that they avoid their dental visits altogether.

Long term oral health care

Looking after our teeth means regular cleaning, and daily brushing and flossing will certainly go a long way to preserving healthy teeth and gums. Unfortunately, this is not the whole story though and professional intervention is always necessary. Even the most conscientious patient will not be able to reach all areas of the teeth and even small bacterial deposits that build up will cause problems either with dental decay or potentially gum disease. Visiting the dentist and hygienist at the Clock Tower Dental Clinic in Epsom will help to ensure that your mouth is maintained in a healthy condition.

To help nervous dental patients, we have designed our practice environment to offer an air of calmness, and our friendly staff will always treat you in a calm and relaxed manner. With this approach, most nervous patients are able to overcome the worst of their anxieties, enabling them to have the dental care they need and deserve.

Invasive procedures

For very nervous dental patients, whilst the above may help to ease their fears a little; when they need to have invasive dental treatment it is sometimes simply not enough. Some nervous patients may even miss an appointment for a relatively minor procedure, leaving it until they are in severe pain and need to have more extensive treatment. To help these patients, and for general patients who are due to undergo a lengthier procedure such as dental implant placement, we are able to offer sedation. Unlike the ‘dental gas’ of old, this will not render you unconscious, but allows you to have the procedure in a deeply relaxed but conscious state.

If you do opt to have sedation for a dental procedure, it is important to remember to bring a responsible adult with you to drive you home safely. The sedative can remain in the bloodstream for up to 24 hours and, under no circumstances, should you drive home.

If you suffer from dental anxiety and are looking for a dentist in the Epsom area who is sympathetic to your needs, we are always happy to meet you. We will discuss your concerns and how we can address them so that you are able to receive regular dental care without fear.

Simply call the receptionists at The Clock Tower Dental Practice who will make an appointment for you to meet us. Please call our team today on 01372 720136.