Root Canal Treatment Aftercare

Root Canal Treatment Aftercare

Comfortable and problem free care of a newly treated tooth.

When the root canals of a tooth become infected, it can typically only be saved using a root canal procedure. The treatment itself  is only a part of the story though, and how you look after the tooth following your treatment, is equally important.

In today’s Clock Tower Dental Practice blog post, we offer some advice to our Epsom patients on how to look after and make the most of your root canal treated tooth.

Immediate aftercare

Like any invasive dental treatment, it is almost inevitable that there will be some minor residual soreness following the procedure. If this is uncomfortable, you may wish to use your usual painkiller until it eases. It is important to note, that, if the discomfort continues for any length of time, you should have it checked by one of our dentists, but in most cases, patients should suffer no discomfort after the first few days. Even in these early days though, you can also help to alleviate the problem by taking care regarding what you eat. It is best to avoid very hot or cold food or drinks as your tooth may be sensitive. You are also advised to eat softer foods too, in order to avoid putting pressure on the tooth.

Getting the most from your teeth

Once your tooth starts to feel more ‘normal’, this is a time when you do need to be careful. Whilst a tender newly treated tooth may make you wary of using it to bite on harder foods; as this subsides you may be tempted to ‘crunch’ harder foods as you would if it were a healthy tooth. Unfortunately, although a root canal treated tooth should be sufficiently strong for everyday use, it may not stand some of the stresses that a healthy tooth would. Consequently it is best to exercise caution when using this tooth to bite down on harder foods in order to prevent accidental damage.


A word about cleaning your teeth. Whilst most of us recognise that this is essential to keep our teeth strong and healthy, where a tooth has had a crown fitted, as is usually the case after root treatment, it may be tempting to ignore this, thinking that the artificial crown won’t decay. But to do this would be a mistake, and although it is correct that the crown will not decay, the remaining natural part of the tooth can still be affected. If this decays, the fitment of the crown will be compromised and treatment will be required.

As with all dental procedures, you will be given specific aftercare advice following your treatment here at the Clock Tower Dental Clinic. We are also on hand should you need any further advice or in the rare event of a complication arising.

To arrange an appointment to see one of our experienced team for treatment or a check up, please call our Epsom dental clinic on 01372 720136.