Convenient Dentistry For Busy Patients In Epsom

CEREC – The ‘one visit’ solution for crowns and veneers.

At the Clock Tower Dental Clinic, we continually monitor new developments in the dental industry, assessing their benefits for our patients. One of our acquisitions from this research is CEREC technology which is a computerised means of producing dental crowns, veneers, inlays and onlays without the need for impressions to be sent to an off-site laboratory.


This method offers a number of benefits for our Epsom patients, who, like many people these days, lead busy lives and would prefer to spend as little time at a dental practice as possible.

Using a dental laboratory has always meant that procedures such as the fitting of crowns or veneers has needed two visits to our practice; one to take impressions and then another a week or two later, to have them fitted. Using CEREC however, digital impressions are taken which are then loaded into the advanced milling equipment. The CEREC technology starts to prepare the crown or veneer from a solid piece of ceramic and is usually ready within approximately one hour.

By using this technology, we can often preserve more of the natural tooth than is sometimes the case when using the traditional method of laboratory made restorations; another worthwhile benefit.

No temporary replacements

To prepare a tooth for a crown or veneer, preparatory work has to be done on the tooth or teeth in question. This leaves the teeth exposed whilst the replacement is being made and is why temporary replacements are used to protect them. ‘Temporaries’ can often be slightly thicker than the final veneers and can be a little uncomfortable, sometimes also altering speech. With CEREC produced replacements, this period of two weeks or so of inconvenience is eliminated and, apart from a short wait of around one hour, you will have the crown or veneers fitted and be able to  leave the Clock Tower Dental Clinic with your new restoration in place on the same day.


In addition to the benefits mentioned above, there is also increasing evidence that crowns and veneers produced in this manner are stronger and longer lasting than those produced in the traditional way. Naturally, anyone having either of these procedures wants their replacement to last as long as possible, and it appears that CEREC technology achieves this aim. If you are in need of a dental crown or are considering having veneers fitted to give you a better smile, why not arrange a consultation and speak to a dentist in Epsom about the use of CEREC to provide you with a long lasting and near-immediate solution.

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